The 2014 University of Michigan Debate Institutes
June 22 - August 8, 2014

» Michigan National Debate Institute, June 22nd - July 11th, 2014
» MNDI and Extension Week, June 22nd - July 18th, 2014
» Classic, July 13th - August 8th, 2014
» Classic Plus, July 6th - August 8th, 2014
» Seven Week Program, June 22nd - August 8th, 2014
» Lincoln-Douglas, June 22nd - July 6th, 2014

Michigan Debate Institutes Alums This Year Have:
Our Students Say...
"After spending two consecutive summers at the Michigan Seven Week Program, it's hard to imagine where I'd be as a debater without my experience in Ann Arbor. Michigan offers a unique combination of countless practice debates, extensive research opportunities, and innovative lectures given by some of the best minds in the country. At Michigan, debaters are able to improve competitively and become topic experts all in a fun environment that is conducive not only to learning but building relationships. Not to mention, Ann Arbor is a beautiful place to spend your summer."
- Mike Demers, Bishop Guertin High School (NH), 11/7/13, Winner of the 2014 Harvard University Tournament
"Not to overstate my time at Michigan, but the 7 Week Seniors Program was the best 7 weeks of my life. The only shortcoming? It only lasted 7 weeks. Each of the lab leaders brought unique perspective and skills to the table and I learned not just from my own lab, but also from all of the different lab leaders throughout camp. With the perfect balance of practice rounds, research, and lectures I feel as though Michigan 7 Week is responsible for most of my growth as a debater. Throughout my time I felt encouraged to explore my own ideas about debate and not just absorb someone else's like a sponge. The focus on my strengths and goals as a debater is something I feel like the seniors program does especially well. Outside of debate, Ann Arbor is an amazing town, the University is awesome, and the friends and connections made are lasting. Even if I never do debate again I will still think those 7 weeks were more than worth it."
- Jeron Dastrup, Whitney Young Magnet High School (IL), 11/8/13, Winner of the 2013 Glenbrooks Tournament
"Michigan was probably the best decision I could have made before my junior year. Each and every faculty member put in the utmost care to make sure that you receive the best possible practice, which shows in every practice debate, research meeting, and lecture. There's an incredibly fine-tuned balance between topic education and skill development which, coupled with vast library resources and lectures, can make anyone become better regardless of their skill level."
- Naman Gupta, Westminster Schools (GA), 11/8/13, Winner of the 2014 NDCA National Tournament
"I am extremely happy that I decided to attend the Michigan 7 Week Juniors Program last summer. At first I wasn't sure if I wanted to spend such a long time away from home, but the experience I gained and the friends I made were well worth it. My lab leaders were super helpful and informative, and I heard a lot of insightful comments that aided me in an improvement of my debating. I also garnered many more research and organizational skills from one-on-one comments in lab and the library. Overall, the atmosphere was focused yet fun in lab, lecture, and Ann Arbor as a whole. I met many amazing people that helped to create a great summer."
- Kate Gehling, Wayzata High School (MN), 11/6/13, Finalist at the 2013 Valley and Iowa Caucus Tournaments